deserves a home that is 
safe, warm, and dry

Please read all instructions


contacting us for assistance

If you are applying for assistance, you must be a homeowner in Madison County, Illinois, and have homeowner’s insurance.

Program: Home Repair

Unfortunately, Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois is currently UNABLE to accept requests for major Emergency Home Repairs.

Additionally, we are UNABLE to provide ANY of the following services:

  • Most roof replacements (minor roof leak repairs may be possible)
  • Most Window replacement (sealing and caulking repairs are possible)
  • Air conditioning replacement or repairs
  • Furnace replacement or repairs
  • Fire damage repairs
  • Car replacement or repairs
  • Furniture replacement or repairs
  • Help with financial issues or financial counseling
  • Can’t be a trailer or mobile home

We will not be able to approve requests for the above repairs.

Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois ACCEPTS the following types of requests:

  • Accessibility issues
  • Safety issues
  • Healthy living issues
  • Minor handyman emergency issues (broken toilet, broken window, lock won’t work, etc.)

For a Homeowner Application, please contact us at 618.960.2440 or email: help@rebuildswi.org.

If you are a homeowner who owns and resides in your home and are in need of assistance, please click the link below. You will be directed to a preliminary application. The preliminary application will require basic identification information, household income/expenses, and a description of the repairs needed. Please contact us at (618) 960-2440 or email: help@rebuildswi.org if you have any questions.

To apply, please send us:

  1. Completely filled out application
  2. Copy of valid state ID or license
  3. Two recent bank statements
  4. Social Security letter or statement

CLICK HERE to download an application