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We focus on seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans, and families.

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Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois is focused on ensuring neighbors who are in need are safe, warm, and dry. As economic situations continue to worsen, along with rapidly increasing costs of homeownership and healthcare, many people who are in need, disabled and senior families are forced to choose between daily necessities and much needed home modifications or repairs. Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois is committed to rehabilitating the houses of low-income, elderly, and handicapped homeowners, so they can live independently in warmth and safety.

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Volunteers come from all walks of life to give one day of work to help their neighbors.

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Are you a weekend warrior with an interest in home modifications? Or maybe this is your first project in home repair. Regardless of your talents, we’ve got a project tailored for you. Projects include painting, ramp building, safety modifications like grab bars, and so much more. Or maybe you’re more interested in program coordinating. Are you a web designer or a gifted fundraiser? Do you want to lend your voice to promote Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois? We need you! Come in and meet with our volunteer coordinator and we’ll match you with a great project that can boost your resume, brighten your day, and give you memories for a lifetime.

contact us at 618.960.2440 or email:


Teams of generous individuals get together to help deserving homeowners.

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We need your help! Does your civic organization or your business want to get involved? Contact our office to find out how you can sponsor our events, projects, and operations. We are a small ALL VOLUNTEER grassroots nonprofit and independent 501(c)3 operating in Madison County, Illinois. You can be assured that your dollars stay in this community and help this community.


contact us at 618.960.2440 or email:

Statement of Inclusion

Rebuilding Together is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as an organizational imperative. We believe that to achieve our goals, we must embrace a broad vision of success that builds on multiple perspectives as the means through which to learn, innovate and grow. We know that we will be most effective by creating a culture that values and leverages differences as an organizational strength as we partner with, and serve, diverse communities and residents. Our work affirms human dignity through our commitment to safe and healthy housing for all.

Wheelchair Ramp Initiative

We are proud to be partnering with the Agency for Community Transit (ACT) to help provide safe egress to homes in the Madison County region. In 2022 we installed over 20 wheelchair ramps for Madison County residents. If you need assistance, please call the office at 618.960.2440

United Way of Greater St. Louis

Rebuilding Together Southwest IL is honored to once again in 2023 be a part of a network of 160+ organizations that are supported by United Way of Greater St. Louis! We are incredibly grateful to continue our partnership with United Way and create lasting change in the Madison County region.
With the support of United Way and other organizations, we were able to help a record number of homeowners in 2022 and we look forward to maintaining that record-level free home repair program in 2023

Rebuilding Together

is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing home repair and renovation services free of charge to those in need. We strive to ensure neighbors in need are safe, warm, and dry.

Contact us at 618.960.2440 or email:

Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois is an organization where hundreds of volunteers and donors each year can feel the impact of helping their community.

Volunteers leave the project homes exhausted, but with a wonderful sense of joy and accomplishment at how we have improved the quality of life for these neighbors in need. The appreciation expressed by the homeowners makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Every dollar donated to Rebuilding Together is turned into four dollars of home repairs and modifications.


We are a proud member agency of the United Way of Greater St Louis.

Check out our recent projects!

Home Improvement and Repair in Alton, IL

Phillips 66 Wood River Refinery

We partnered with the great folks at Phillips 66 Wood River Refinery to do a lot of work in Alton. They installed a new toilet, screen door, 2 ceiling fans, garbage disposal; painted the living room, hallway and bathroom walls and ceilings; tore down and rebuilt a fence and gate; and trimmed the bushes and brush on the property. Amazing amount of work was done by an amazing bunch of folks.