April Projects of 2024

Check out some of the amazing projects our volunteers worked on and completed during April, which is National Rebuilding Together month.
We completed repairs on 20 homes during the month of April, eight (all of which were for Veterans.) We built four (4) wheelchair ramps and made repairs on three (3) other existing ramps, plus a host of other projects. Check out the before and after pictures of some of these projects.

Replacement Siding for Disabled Veteran

April 2nd, 2024

We did a quick project for a local disabled veteran this morning before the rain hit us again. The storm blew off his siding last year and he was being cited to get it taken care of. He couldn’t afford the quotes that he was getting, so the local VA suggested that he call us to see if we could help. We did. We couldn’t match the siding exactly, but we removed a couple of rows of siding to make sure it blends in as well as possible.

Wheelchair Ramp for Family with Disabled Child

April 5th, 2024

We were contacted by the Division of Specialized Care for Children, asking if we could possibly build a wheelchair ramp for a family who had to physically carry their child in and out of the house. With the help of some AMAZING volunteers from Olin Winchester, they got this ramp done in record time. Thanks to Caleb, Josh, Kayla, Andrew, Chuck, Dusty, Parth and Karen…I love working with you guys. Thanks also to the Agency for Community Transit for your continued support.

(The back of the Olin shirts says: “Lifting Community through Volunteering.” They prove it every project that they work.)

Broken Window Replacement

April 6th, 2024



We did a flooring project for a disabled veteran a few weeks ago and we noticed that he had a broken window. So, we surprised him by going back this morning and replacing the windowpane and also sealing up some other windows as far as we could reach. I often say that we can’t make things perfect, but we can sure make things better.

Porch Rebuild with the Help of Gateway Family Church

April 12th, 2024



Huge shout out to the wonderful folks at Gateway Family Church who came out and helped with this project. This porch was falling apart and extremely unsafe. A couple of the posts were sitting on a brick to hold the porch up. So we tore it down and rebuilt it. We [had] the new posts set in and on concrete, so it’s really sturdy and safe. It turned out great and the homeowner is extremely happy with the way it turned out.

Wheelchair Ramp Replacement for local Veteran

April 18th, 2024



We started (and finished) another wheelchair ramp today. I didn’t expect to finish the ramp until Saturday, but because of the amazing folks at Phillips 66, we were able to get it done in one day. Thanks to Jeff, Jake, John, Ashley, Mike, Gary, Mike, Kevin and Bryon…you guys absolutely killed it today. The Veteran homeowner said he didn’t really expect it to turn out as good as it did, because we had to remove the old, unsafe ramp and tie it into an existing porch. As always, thanks to the Agency for Community Transit for your continued support.

Three Separate Projects Completed with the Help of the National Guard!

April 20th, 2024

We have the most incredible volunteers helping us out. We received a call from the National Guard earlier this week and they wanted to help out in their community and wondered if we had any projects for them to work on this weekend. Of course, we said yes and put them to work on 3 different projects…they absolutely killed it today. We completely rebuilt some front steps with railings, installed a new faucet, repaired an existing wheelchair ramp, and built an entirely new wheelchair ramp. Here’s the before and after pictures of the projects. Thanks to the 20+ soldiers who came out today to help.

truly amazing! National Guard soldiers and see the impact of their hard work firsthand. Kudos to everyone involved for their commitment and effort in improving the lives of others!”

“You have no idea how much this was needed and appreciated. Thank you again for your quick response in our urgent time of need.”

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