September Projects of 2023

Wheelchair Ramp for 97-Year-Old Homeowner

September 3rd, 2023



We did another wheelchair ramp this weekend for a 97-year-old homeowner. Her daughters told me that this was the first time in a long time that she was able to wheel out of the home and sit outside in the evening shade. Thanks to Carlee, Sheldon, Jay and Yvette for helping out and, as always, the Agency for Community Transit for your continued support.

Chris thank you for giving mom the opportunity to enjoy the sun, fresh air and the sound of birds singing 🎶 [] Mom passed away December 5th, 2023. Until the day, when peacefully, the good lord took mom home, she talked about her beautiful ramp []. If the weather wasn’t cooperative, mom made sure we opened the front door so she could see her ramp. Chris and volunteers, thank you again for giving mom the best gift ever. The ramp has continued to serve [its] purpose for my elderly sisters and myself being disabled.

Another Day, Another Wheelchair Ramp

September 5th, 2023



We started and finished this wheelchair ramp today. What an amazing crew. Thanks to Jay, Yvette and Will for your help. Thanks, as always, to the Agency for Community Transit for your continued support.

“Thank you all again. We truly appreciate your help in making this happen for my mother.”

Wheelchair Ramp with the Help of Marillac Mission Fund

September 9th, 2023



We completed our 25th wheelchair ramp so far this year. Much thanks to the folks at Scott Air Force Base who came out on their day off of serving their country to serve their neighbors: Lindsey, Paul, Owen and Sheldon. Thanks also to Jay and especially to Carlee, who didn’t want to leave until the project was completely done. And thanks to our partner for this project, Marillac Mission Fund.

Safety Railings & Grab Bars

September 11th, 2023

On this somber day, we thought it was fitting to help out another veteran by adding a grab bar in the bathroom and additional railings for the porch steps. We also installed railing extensions to help down to where the cars are parked Thanks to Harry for all of your help.

In between building wheelchair ramps for folks, our volunteers have been busy installing grab bars in bathrooms, hand railings for stairs and other ways that seniors and folks with mobility issues can feel safer in their homes. As we age, it’s important to help eliminate tripping hazards and to also help mitigate the risk of falling. We just don’t bounce the way we used to.

Delipidated Deck Rebuild

September 23rd, 2023



This thing barely resembled a deck, but we cleaned it up and added new posts and joists to strengthen the deck, as well as a deck railing.

Thanks to the Edwardsville Community Foundation for sponsoring this project. And thanks to Harry and Carlee for helping [to get] it done.

New Porch & Wheelchair Ramp with the Help of Scott Air Force Base: EOD

September 25th, 2023



Thanks to Scott Air Force Base: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), who took a day off from serving their country to help serve a neighbor in need. This wheelchair ramp project was made even more difficult when we discovered that the downspouts had leaked and rotted out the porch. We made the decision to completely tear out and rebuild it correctly. This meant that we had to jack up the entire front porch gable to demo and rebuild the porch, which more than doubled the difficulty of the project. The EOD folks took everything in stride and were eager to help. Even with having to jack up the porch gable, tear out and rebuild the porch, the guys pushed through and completed the project in one day.

The homeowner’s daughter, who has been wheelchair bound since birth, was eager to get out and try the new ramp out. She was laughing and crying because she was so thrilled to be able to get out of the house without being carried.

A huge thank you to the EOD folks and to the Agency for Community Transit for your continued support.

Wheelchair Ramp with Alton Home Depot

September 28th, 2023



We partnered with the Alton Home Depot to build a wheelchair ramp today. The team worked really hard, and we were able to start and finish this project in one day. GO #teamdepot.

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